Benefits of Having Our CDC

We are here to open up their opportunities to expand their business and bright ideas into digital currency assets which then become a tool to get investors for their business.


CDC is a platform where you can create digital currency applications (TOKEN) for your business to the CDC team as loyalty points or rewards for business partners and fundraising for your business.


CDC will establish cooperation in various fields such as finance, property, service bureau, marketplace, and in other commercial fields.


Where later you can use CDC for your daily needs by having a CDC that will make it easier for you in all aspects and all for your convenience.


Project of CDC

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Diamond Exchange
Project of Crypto Exchange Platform

Exchange is a crypto trading market where all types of crypto can be traded there and you can also pre-sell on Diamond Exchange.And specifically for those who make tokens through us can be directly traded on Diamond Exchange.

And CDC is the main crypto exchange tool on Diamond Exchange and definitely CDC prices will continue to rise drastically and in predicting the price of one CDC is $ 3 and will increase again after Exchange mobile apps project and wallet has been launched the price will rise again to $ 5-8 is real.

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Mobile Application
Project mobile and web applications

In this project we will create a smart phone application that is connected with CDC, one of its projects is CDC Exchange application and CDC Wallet app. The CDC Exchange application is an application to make it easier for you to control the trading of your crypto assets anytime and anywhere you are at that time.

The CDC wallet app lets you control all your crypto asset sending and receiving easily and of course with high security to keep all your crypto assets high secure. And we convey one of our projects also later is the marketplace applications such as Alibaba amazon and ebay and the currency used is CDC.

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Marketplace Project

We will create apps like alibaba amazon and ebay. which provides trade products such as fashion apparel, shoe accessories bags and beauty products such as cosmetics as well as other electronic products. the main payment tool is CDC, those who want to buy products can use dollars converted into CDCs or buy in exchange and then send them to their CDC wallets that connect to market applications.

Since the CDC is used as the primary means of exchange required by many people then the price will increase very high in the future.

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Incubator Project
Creating a Blockchain Project

Creating for token project. Make a submission of your token project and then send it to us. Next we will check your submission and process your request as soon as possible. If your project we think is very good we will also participate in your project.

We will also assist in the promotion process. And your token is instantly listed on Diamond Exchange.


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Q1 06/2018 Start deploy and airdrop. 07/2018 Start pre-sale/ICO and bounty.

Q2 September, 18LIST EXCHANGE
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Q2 09/2018 ICO End. 10/2018 List On Market Exchange.

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Q3 11/2018 Started All Project Crypto Diamond.

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Q1 04/2019 Lounch Diamond Exchange And Diamond Shop(DShop).

Team Players


team member

Founder & Lead Developer

Hobert Desager
team member

Founder & Moderator

Charles Mopindo
team member

Founder & CTO

Andeas Salovotof
team member

Founder & CPO

Brander Hermain
2,5 Billion CDC

People from all around the world have purchased our tokens.

This is the temporary status of tokens circulating from current sales, And will continue to grow in the future.
Because more and more people are using the CDC to get convenience and profit.

Token Distribution

Advisory Team: 6%
Advertiser Marketting: 6%
Bounties: 10%
Reserve For Dev and Project: 8%
Pre-sale: 20%
Token Sale: 50%

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